3 tips for keeping your family and home safe

Whether you’re getting settled in your first home or want to be sure you have your bases covered, here are some useful reminders to help you avoid some common hazards and stay safe.

Poison gas
Carbon monoxide is the top cause of accidental poisoning in Canada. An easy-to-install alarm that alerts you to the presence of this invisible, odourless gas is a must-have especially in hallways, outside of sleeping areas.

State of emergency
Get prepared for the unexpected by having the essentials to get through at least 72 hours. Include items like bottled water, non-perishable snacks, blankets and flashlights. Keeping necessities on hand to get you through a tough spot is invaluable.

Auto collisions
To stay safe on the road, practice safe driving habits like always staying focussed. Also follow the laws of the road, like wearing your seatbelt and respecting the speed limits.

We all know it’s wrong to drive drunk, but it’s also illegal and deadly to drive high. Impaired driving is the leading cause of criminal death and injury in Canada. It’s also important to note that even legal cannabis impairs your ability to drive. It’s illegal to drive after consuming cannabis, and police are able to test for it.

credit – newscanada.com