5 most popular getaway destinations for summer 2022

Over the last two summers, many of us have found a new love for nature and the great outdoors. Now, with fewer restrictions and a higher comfort level, that love is still influencing many of our favourite getaway destinations.

The recent Toyota Canada Summer Road Trip Survey found that more than half of respondents were planning weekend or long-weekend getaways. Overall, the most popular destinations for this year, include:

The home of family or a friend
With the freedom to travel again, we just cannot wait to see the far-afield friends and family members who we’ve missed.

Back to the beach
For those who love the gentle lapping of water on the shore or the feeling of soft sand between your toes, many of us will be found soaking up the sun and the fun at the beach this summer.

Parkland wonders
Canada is home to some of the world’s most beautiful national and provincial parkland. With vacation budgets tight and a newfound appreciation of time outdoors, these monuments to nature will be popular destinations in 2022.

Camping in the great outdoors
For some, there’s nothing like trekking into the woods, claiming our space and roughing it in the wild, but for others, the wilds are tamed by renting a tranquil spot with access to electricity, restroom facilities and hot and cold running water. Either way, camping is where we want to be.

Cabin or cottage getaway
More rustic than home, with access to a wide range of outdoor summer fun, for many of us the cabin or cottage is this year’s preferred destination to step off the grid and enjoy some well-earned rest and relaxation.

credit – newscanada