Back-to-school tips in case of a hybrid year

1. Define expectations

Since hybrid learning is new territory for many, it’s important to find out what’s required by each teacher or professor. Do assignments need to be submitted differently when you’re online versus in the classroom? Are marks calculated differently for online and in-class portions? These are just a couple of the key questions to ask.

2. Communicate

Just because it’s hybrid learning doesn’t mean studying has to be completely solo and anonymous. Depending on public health restrictions, students should try getting together with some of their cohort in person to go over study notes, plan assignments or just hang out and make new friends.

Students should also connect with teachers or professors in person at the start of term so it’s less intimidating to ask for help online if they need it later on.

3. Prepare the tools you need to succeed

It’s essential to have a workspace that can handle all the notebooks, textbooks and documents of in-person classes along with the tech setup for online learning.

For students in creative courses, hybrid learning offers a great opportunity to invest in and play around with new tools like a Canon DSLR or mirrorless camera, which can be used for assignments and future internships.

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