Cut down winter costs with these energy-saving tips

When the winter weather turns frightful, staying warm indoors is delightful. But the arrival of cold temperatures also means taking on the added costs that can come with spending more time at home.

By finding ways to save on energy during these months, you can combat this impact on your wallet and help your home operate more efficiently, which is better for the environment, too. Kickstart your energy savings with these three tips:

Lock in warmth

The first step toward saving energy in your home is to stop the heat inside from escaping. Check for drafts and extra space around your windows and doors where you can feel cold air and apply weather-stripping or sealant.

Curtains and blinds can also play a leading role. Allow natural heat and sunlight in by opening them in the morning and closing them in the evening to trap warmth.

Your ceiling fan can also help your home feel warmer. Change its rotation to pull cold air upwards and push warm air near the ceiling down.

Be water savvy

Saving can be as simple as finding ways to make everyday tasks more energy efficient, such as doing laundry in cold water and only running the dishwasher when it’s full.

Being savvy with your water also includes knowing what you are covered for in your home insurance policy — and where you can save. For example, if you have up-to-date mechanical systems that are kept in top operating condition you may be eligible for savings with companies like Belairdirect.

Remember to unplug

Your electronics and appliances still use energy when plugged in, even if turned off. Try disconnecting electronics when not in use and, for larger appliances, see where you can use a toaster oven, microwave or electric kettle before turning on your stove or oven.

Saving energy can start small to have a big difference.

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