Designer tips for your laundry room

No longer just for utility or something to hide behind closed doors, the laundry room has evolved to become a multifunctional space designed to be both beautiful and efficient. To help you refresh yours, Jane Lockhart, award-winning designer, shares her top design trends:

Functionality first
Before you decide to experiment with colours and various textures, you’ll want to think of the main tasks you need to complete while in this space. The number one request designers get asked when upgrading a laundry room is counter space. Whether you add a flat surface on top or beside the machines, having a clean, large expanse to spread out and fold laundry is a must.

Multipurpose fixtures
The laundry room is now used for much more than washing and drying clothes, and is becoming the cleaning hub for the entire home. We’re seeing larger, raised sinks installed with shower fixtures for dog washing, full-sized showers to clean up before entering the rest of the house and, of course, storage for the mudroom.

Space-saving appliances
There’s an increasing demand to bring full-size capacity laundry units to compact spaces, which is exactly what the LG WashTower is designed for. The sleek single unit is shorter than conventional stacked units, allowing it to fit into nearly any laundry space. Unlike conventional stacked pairs, the control panel is perfectly positioned to be easy to reach, with both washer and dryer controls in the middle of the set.

Have fun and personalize
Treat your laundry room like any other room in your home. Update floors with attractive luxury vinyl, then decorate with a colourful rug, hardy plants and cheerful art. To brighten up the space, move your laundry room to a sunny area in the house for natural lighting. If that’s not an option, recessed lights on dimmers are a great solution that let you set the ambience.

Add entertainment
The laundry room can even appeal to your sense of sound. Wireless audio speakers fit into the palm of your hand, taking no space at all. So, bring music or audio books with you while folding the laundry or waiting for the spin cycle to finish.

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