Household must-haves for spring

Spring is a time for refreshing and renewing, and that includes the spaces in your home. As you declutter and reorganize, here are some essentials every home needs this season:

Fresh paint colours 

A quick fix to instantly revitalize any room is a new coat of paint, so be sure to have some on hand. A small can for touch-ups is great to have on standby, as well as some bold or pastel colours to upcycle an old dresser or flowerpots for an easy way to achieve a new look.

Baskets of all sizes 

Most of us are doing some tidying now, and that means you’ll need to sort the items you end up keeping so they’re easy to find and don’t look messy. Baskets of all shapes, sizes and materials are great organization tools that work in the bedroom, living room, bathroom and kids’ play area. Keeping extras at home so you don’t have to go to the store each time you need one is also a timesaver.

Covid care items  

Our must-haves have expanded recently to include sanitizer, wipes and masks, so make sure you have plenty of these at home so you’re not scrambling when you run out. With all of us washing our hands more frequently, a good moisturizer is also indispensable. Made from a deeply hydrating natural substance found in sheep’s wool, Medela’s Purelan lanolin cream is a great option for protecting your skin’s outer layer while rebalancing natural moisture levels from within.  Find more information at

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