How to adapt home spaces to fit the new normal

Did you take on a big home makeover during the pandemic? Working from home has been the main push for major alterations to homes across the country. In fact, nearly three in 10 Canadians have adapted their space in the past year, slightly higher than those who renovated, according to a recent survey by Aviva Canada.

Some of the most popular changes are adaptations to a current living space for a workspace, a home gym and/or a space for homeschooling. The price tag for adapting spaces to better suit living situations during the pandemic is similar across the country, with the average cost coming in at $783 according to the same survey.

But in our rush to make changes that suit our new lifestyle, many of us may have missed an important consideration — insurance. Especially if you’ve invested in a big makeover.

“If you’ve made major modifications to your home, keep in mind that finishing a basement, removing structural supports or building an addition could impact your insurance coverage,” explains Phil Gibson, managing director, personal insurance and data science at Aviva Canada.

Only a quarter of those who have made at least one change in their homes in the past 12 months say they have already, or they intend to, update their content insurance. But almost two thirds haven’t.

These changes could affect your home’s rebuild value, so it’s essential to make sure your investment is protected in case something happens.

“If you’re unsure of your coverage, it’s important to discuss your policy with your insurance broker or agent to ensure your policy meets the needs of your updated home,” says Gibson. “They can help ensure you have the right protection.”

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