Keep family traditions alive

The holidays are here and while this year may feel a bit different, it’s important to keep our family traditions alive. Every family has their own set of traditions that has been passed down from generation to generation, as well as new ones created each year.

Many of our customs are centred around food – whether it’s mom’s decadent chocolate yule log, nana’s savoury sausage rolls, or nonna’s famous cappelletti soup, you don’t have to miss out on those special treats just because our celebrations might need to change.

Let’s go virtual.

If you’re unable to gather with friends and family, take your traditions online. Prepare for your virtual get-together by hanging your stockings and decorating your tree. Organize an epic gift exchange and traditional potluck. You can make a few porch drops ahead of jumping online with your crew for some festive cheer. Or you can share your favourite recipes ahead of time so that everyone is able to enjoy the same dishes.

Secret’s out of the bag.

Secret family recipes are a seasonal staple, but at some point all recipes need to be passed down to the next generation so the traditions can live on. This year, have the keeper of those precious family recipes host a virtual cooking class to walk close family members through the steps so that everyone can still enjoy the coveted dish this year.

Keep active.

Holidaytime can be stressful and we may be eating a little more than normal, so it’s important to try to maintain regular physical activity. Spending time outside with family can do you a world of good, So go build that snowman or organize a snowball fight – two great socially distanced activities. You can also bundle up for a walk around your neighbourhood to see all the twinkling lights or go skating at a local outdoor rink.

Sip smart.

With multiple virtual events planned you’re likely going to find yourself enjoying foods and beverages with higher sugar content. Eggnog and other festive drinks contain more sugar than you may realize. Enjoy them, but in moderation. Have one of your favourite cocktails, then switch to sparkling water flavoured with fresh fruit and herbs, such as cranberries and rosemary for a festive touch.

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credit – newscanada