Tips to make moving easier for the whole family

Moving can be exciting, but the whole experience can become overwhelming. Whether you’re heading into your very first place, downsizing or finding your forever home, there are a variety of tips and tricks you can use to ensure your move is as efficient and easy as possible.

Ease the stress levels
Moving can be hard on your family and your pets. Try to keep things organized by planning out your tasks ahead of time and enlisting help from family and friends. Recognize that emotions may be high as you get ready for a change, so do your best to be patient with yourself and others.

If you have pets, remember that dogs and cats can be more attached to their home than you realize, and they can face high levels of anxiety when it comes time to move. A simple way to help them is to ensure you bring their favourite toys to their new space. Finding someone to care for your pets a couple of days before and after the move is another great way to reduce stress for everybody.

Make sure to cool off
Summer moves are a great way to avoid moving your things in a snowstorm and get settled for a new school year, but they can get hot. Having cold water for movers and the family is important for everyone’s health. Keeping your pets cool and hydrated is also important. Pet fountains keep fresh water flowing even during the hottest summer days while you’re busy moving boxes.

Take time to adjust
Getting settled in your new home will take time, so take some steps to get oriented. Consider going for walks around your new home to get a lay of the land before you move, and create a plan for familiar routines or meals to bring added comfort during the initial adjustment.

Pets can become anxious in a new environment too. Cats especially can need time adjusting to a change in surroundings. Once the back and forth with open doors is finished, let them explore at their own pace. When everybody is nice and settled in, a brand new self-cleaning litterbox like ScoopFree, is a great way to get a fresh start and will help keep your new place nice and clean.

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