3 creative nooks for a cozy home

Everyone has their guilty or not-so-guilty pleasures, and it’s important to embrace the little moments in life that make us feel at ease. When designing a living space, leave room for your everyday habits and favourite activities. Read on for inspiration and tips to create cozy corners within the home.

A space for reading
Create a cozy reading corner with comfortable seating, the perfect lighting and an accent wall that makes it feel like its own little room within a room. Choose colours like greens, blues or a deep brown that will help you stay immersed in the story you’re reading.

A personalized coffee area
Start every day on the right foot with a personalized coffee nook. Choose a corner near windows for maximum sunlight exposure first thing in the morning. Here, you can paint window trim for a unique accent that will make the room pop. When selecting a colour for the trim, keep the wall colours in mind and go for a contrasting look.

A corner for wellness
In today’s fast-paced world, creating a space that promotes your wellbeing is essential. From a skincare vanity to a dedicated fitness area, make your home your sanctuary and reserve an area for self-care and peace. Choose paint colours that calm the mind – such as Benjamin Moore Palest Pistachio 2122-60, a barely-there hue with crisp notes of blue and grey, or Benjamin Moore Natural Linen CC-90, a sandy neutral with just the right amount of rustic warmth and elegance.

credit – newscanada.com