3 things to do before your next reno

No matter the size of your project, planning ahead is important to keep it on track, including a schedule and a detailed budget. Here are three important things to consider before getting started:

1. Assemble your team
A reno takes teamwork, so make sure you have the right people with you from the start.

For family and friends who help out, be sure to get everyone on the same page right away when it comes to responsibilities. Let any unpaid helpers decide how they want to contribute based on their interests and skillset. Plan for someone to stay on top of the plans, someone to work on any DIY projects and someone to take care of any household disruptions that come along with a major reno.

As for professionals, if you’re dealing with electrical work, make sure you have a Licensed Electrical Contracting business on your team. You can ask for their 7-digit ECRA/ESA number to confirm. They will ensure everything is kept to code and all work is completed in a way that keeps you, your family and your home safe.

2. Decide your DIY
Some elements of a reno can be left for DIY-ing so you can exercise your creativity. You may be keen to paint cabinets with an intriguing pattern or add different handles to an older dresser for a facelift.

DIY projects can be done at any stage in the renovation process, but it’s important to have a to-do list to keep you and your budget on track. Make note of materials or equipment you already have on hand and consider tools or materials you may be able to repurpose instead of buying completely new.

3. Map it out
Visualizing the changes to your home is one of the most exciting parts of a renovation. If you’re completely redesigning a room, make sure to map it out on paper. Place furniture and appliances in their ideal spots, and then consider any professional updates that may be needed to accommodate the set up. You can work with a Licensed Electrical Contracting business to help frame up the best locations for additional outlets, lighting and other electrical elements.

Renovations are worth the effort to accomplish your dream, but they do require lots of preparation. Thinking ahead to consider the right people, processes and products from the start will help make sure it all goes according to plan.

credit – newscanada.com