5 best outdoor living space ideas

After being forced to spend more time inside this year, it’s important to make any outdoor space in our home an oasis for enjoyment. Whether you have a tiny condo balcony, a spacious backyard or something in between, draw inspiration from these ideas to create a relaxing space.

1. Define your area
Add some charm and outline visual boundaries for your outdoor space by setting up a trellis, laying down an outdoor rug or installing a pergola. This will set the tone and let you introduce some style and personality with bold colours, distressed wood and graphic patterns.

2. Create DIY dining spaces
One of the top outdoor living trends is dining al fresco, which lets you bring the patio experience home. Instead of buying a dinette set, why not DIY your own with repurposed materials? For a larger space, create a table using wine barrels and wooden boards. If you have a small balcony, upcycle a vintage lamp base and thrift store tabletop for a cute bistro table. Finally, consider adding mismatched chairs to finish off this eclectic look.

3. Plan your entertainment
Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or decompressing on a weeknight, you can elevate the ambiance with sound. From compelling podcasts to indie rock to chill electronic, a SiriusXM streaming subscription is a great way to find exactly what you’re looking for, or discover something new. Broadcasting outside is easy with the app, which is compatible with virtually any connected device including your smart speaker, phone or computer.

4. Try a gardening trend
Bringing plants, flowers and other greenery into your outdoor space can instantly boost your mood and help you feel more connected to nature. A vertical garden is a great option if you have limited real estate — simply hang pots or planter boxes on a wooden pallet that leans against a wall. You can also try xeriscaping, an alternative to traditional gardening that uses drought-resistant plants and careful plot design to conserve water.

5. Add some warmth
Make sure your outdoor living space incorporates ways to keep warm during those chilly summer nights or shoulder season weeks. Outdoor firepits are a popular choice, you can find DIY tutorials online to build your own with some stones. If you can’t have a fire in your balcony or yard, some cozy blankets and pillows can do the trick.

credit – newscanada.com