Easy home updates to help you chill out this fall

With the change in season, it’s time to tackle your home maintenance checklist. From safety precautions to appliance upkeep, here are tips to help you breeze into fall.

Use a clean furnace filter.
Dirty filters mean your furnace has to work harder. Regularly changing them in your central air and heating system can significantly improve your appliances’ efficiency and longevity, while easing the pressure on your wallet. In most homes, filters should be changed monthly throughout the heating season. To make sure it’s working properly, have your furnace serviced by a professional.

Test for radon.
Radon is an invisible, odourless gas that can seep from the soil through cracks in the foundation. After smoking, radon is the second-leading cause of lung cancer, according to Statistics Canada. A simple DIY test kit can be purchased from most hardware stores to determine if you have a safe radon level in your home.

Check your alarms.
The Canadian National Fire Information Database reports that 80 per cent of fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke alarms, often due to missing batteries or expired alarms. Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms should be installed on every level and every bedroom, with the batteries replaced at least every six months. Make maintenance easier with 10-year battery alarms from First Alert, and eliminate battery replacements and low-battery chirps for a decade.

Remove leaves from gutters.
Accumulated leaves can cause water from snow melt and ice to pool, and the extra weight can lead to roof sagging or damage. So be sure to bring out the ladder and clear those gutters of leaves and debris before wintry weather.

credit – newscanada.com