Expert tips to update your kitchen on a budget

Did you know that improvements to the kitchen add more value to a home than in any other room? Updating an interior as a savvy investor doesn’t have to break your budget. Try these efficient, effective kitchen upgrades:

Put up window treatments

They’re not too expensive and don’t take much skill to install, but they add a feeling of comfort and versatility to the space. You want the people to feel at home in your kitchen, and when they picture how they’d set the blinds, they’re already putting themselves there. Take some thought as to the material and tone. Your shades are not the place for an accent colour. Match a mid-tone in your existing colour scheme for the best results.

Switch to open shelves

While having your kitchenware displayed on open shelving doesn’t automatically help prospects imagine themselves using the kitchen, open shelving does something just as good. It’s memorable, striking and fashionable. A buyer may well be considering the upgrade themselves, and being saved the work can potentially translate into an easier sale.

Install a new faucet

It’s such an everyday object that we always don’t think about it much, but a kitchen’s faucet is one of the first places the eye lands on as someone enters the room. Make a good first impression by simply swapping it out for a fresh one. A flowing, statuesque design will catch the eye while conveying high value. Consider modern features like Touch2O, that lets the faucet turn on with a simple tap anywhere on it. A faucet with a Lumicoat finish will resist mineral buildup, keeping up an effortlessly shining display. Find more information at

credit – newscanada