How the pandemic will have lasting impacts on home design

The last year and a half has not only transformed how we live — it’s altered where we live, too. With many of us moving to a totally different location or undertaking a major reno, new design trends have emerged, which are going to have a lasting impact far beyond COVID. Here are the top trends to keep in mind if you’re house hunting or planning a makeover.

Multigenerational homes
With property prices skyrocketing and parents needing more help with the kids at home, more families are trying multigenerational living on for size. In fact, according to a recent report from insurance company Aviva Canada, this is now a reality for 16 per cent of Canadians.

This means houses are being adapted to accommodate multiple families under one roof, whether it’s with an addition or an in-law suite in the basement. Homes that offer this flexibility are in demand, and your property value could increase if you decide to adapt your home for multifamily living.

Creative custom adaptations
While many people moved because of the pandemic, others preferred to avoid the added stress and have modified their current home so it works better. A fully independent home office, luxury entertainment space and decked out kids’ playrooms are some of the most popular renovations. However, keep in mind that any changes you make may impact your insurance.

“With people spending so much time at home last year, it’s no surprise Canadians are changing their spaces to fit their current needs. These renovations may change the home’s rebuild value. It’s always good practice to check in with your insurance broker or agent when considering renovations so you are adequately covered,” recommends Phil Gibson, managing director, personal insurance and data science at Aviva Canada.

Outdoors becomes essential
The outdoors has provided a much-needed escape and an opportunity to interact safely with friends and family. So, it’s no surprise that much more time and money are being invested in upgrading our patios, balconies and backyards.

Whether it’s a pool, hot tub, firepit, outdoor kitchen or even outdoor home movie theatre, people are stepping up their outdoor living game. Beautiful landscaping, flowers and vegetable gardens are part of this trend, and don’t expect the focus on outdoors to go away anytime soon.

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