How to decorate with texture and scent

When it comes to home décor, there’s one element that many people unknowingly neglect: texture. Adding texture essentially means layering a variety of materials, colours and textiles to create visual interest — and it’s key for creating a finished and lived-in look.

To help you incorporate texture like a pro, follow these tips from celebrity designer Amanda Aerin.

Remember to create ambiance

“Making beautiful spaces is about more than furniture. For me, it’s important to address the feeling a client wants in a space to create a room filled with happiness and relaxation,” says Aerin. “Including texture in a space creates a more welcoming feeling.”

Choose the mood you want to curate and add items that make you feel that way, whether it’s a chunky knit blanket or a macrame pillow.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials

Try adding cozy throws, knotted area rugs or woven window coverings for a lavish look. Aerin also suggests adding pieces that are both functional and visually interesting. For example, using a texture like velvet on a chair in your bedroom creates the perfect spot to wind down in the evenings.

Keep these materials smelling fresh and ready to cozy up to with Febreze Unstopables Touch fabric spray. “It’s touch activated so you’ll get a burst of fresh scent every time you sit down,” explains Aerin.

Incorporate different textural elements in each room

Textured wallpaper, embossed with any pattern or design, is one of the easiest ways to create a polished room. Texture can also be added to your dining room by using softly upholstered chairs to bring a look of refined opulence to the space.

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