How to maximize a small living space

Small-space living is a choice and necessity for many city dwellers, and it poses some unique design challenges. Whether you’re looking to change your current layout or make technical tweaks, there are key tips to keep in mind for bettering and maximizing your space safely.

Get creative with layout. If you’re living in a bachelor suite or looking to create multiple spaces within a room, consider shifting around your furniture to create divisions. You can do so with bigger pieces like your couch, bookshelf or table. As you envision the changes in your head, make sure you put it down on paper too. This helps to visualize and consider how you regularly use your space. Don’t forget about entryways and pathways that you often use.

Brighten the area. Using the right light fixtures is another way to create division in your home vertically. Well-positioned lighting can mae all the difference for enhancing a small living area. Consider installing pendant lamps or pot lights to offer up more floor space and make a unique statement. Always purchase lighting and other electrical décor at a reputable retailer to avoid counterfeit products. Check the label to find a certification mark that means they are safe and were manufactured properly. (NC)