Inspiring ideas to create festive cheer at home during the pandemic

Staying home for the holidays doesn’t need to be a sacrifice. Take the opportunity and transform your space and how you experience it. Light up all your senses this holiday season with these simple ideas.


There’s something so nostalgic and comforting about the multicoloured glow of Christmas lights on a dark winter night. Treat the inside of your home the same way. Think of new surfaces to string with lights and brighten up your space with their twinkle.


Prepare a selection of scented candles and rotate between them each day. Consider focusing on scents you associate with specific memories—the smell will take you back to those moments in ways your other senses can’t.


Music is the perfect partner to festive cheer. Whether you’re looking for classic carols or simply something that gets the party going, the SiriusXM app has channels and program suited to all styles of holiday fun. Compatible with your connected devices, the streaming service is an efficient way to fill your space with the sounds of the holidays.


Doing something tactile can really help you get out of your head and be mindful in the moment. Take a walk through nature to find items you can craft with, like pinecones and tree branches. Bring them home and have some fun spray painting them to create festive decorations for your tree or mantle.


Take the opportunity the holidays offer to revisit favourite treats, but also make a point of trying a new flavour in each part of the meal—appetizer, side dish or dessert. Blend fond memories with new experiences, all without stepping foot outside.

credit – newscanada