Simple steps to refresh your kitchen

A complete kitchen renovation can be hugely expensive when you factor in the cost of replacing the appliances, flooring and countertops. But there are some DIY options to spruce up the busiest room in your home that won’t break your back or your budget. Try wallet- and work-friendly updates to these areas:

Cabinet colour
Replacing your cabinets is pricey and messy. But you’ll amaze yourself with how much personality a fresh coat of paint can add to your kitchen. Brighten up dark doors to create a bright, clean and airy feel. Take plain white cabinets and drawers, and paint on a layer of mahogany sophistication. Feeling bold? Paint with a bright accent colour like red or blue to really let that part of your kitchen pop. Switch out the hardware to a new metal and you’ll end up with completely new cabinetry.

The lighting
The great thing about swapping your lighting setup is that it will enhance all your other DIY choices. Go with a central hanging light for a classic feel, or a set of track lights to put the spotlight exactly where you want it. Many kitchens have an unused light fixture in the ceiling, so you can even add a second set of lights without having to worry about rewiring or tearing into the ceiling.

Your faucet
DIY that makes an impact doesn’t have to mean everything but the kitchen sink. A new faucet is easy to install, and it can make a surprising difference to the feel of your kitchen. Look for one that matches form with function: a pull-down faucet will let you more easily keep the sink pristine, and if it uses Delta’s Touch2O technology, you can turn it on with a tap anywhere on the faucet and avoid messy handles during meal prep. A timeless design with a modern feel can fit into just about any kitchen.
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