Too much on your plate? Save time with these 4 tips

The demands on our time are constantly shifting. Between work, family and home life, we do our best to balance things, but sometimes we just can’t quite clear our plates and can even end up with a helping of guilt too. Lighten your load with these time-saving tips:

Streamline morning routines.

Even with more work from home and the kids in virtual classrooms, some morning tasks don’t change. Lay out your outfit before going to bed (even if it’s just a videochat-ready top and sweatpants) and get the kids to do the same. Set the breakfast table and plan the menu the night before. Pack lunches, even with the kids at home – this will save you time and cleanup hassle during the day.

Commit to a core chore a day.

Consider tackling one or two chores each day versus cleaning the entire house in one session. This can feel less daunting. Also, double down on delegating chores to those you live with – and mean it. Resist doing it all yourself and ask for help.

Share the meal planning.

Stick to a weekly menu of staple meals that are quick to prepare, regardless of what the week might throw at you. Get your partner, kids or roommate involved so everyone’s favourites can be included and then have them share in the meal preparation and cooking. Not only does this take some of the load off you, it also encourages quality time together in the process.

Save time with dishwashing.

Surprisingly, the dishwasher is designed to be more efficient than the way most of us handwash our dishes, which can save you over 30 minutes a day. In fact, running a dishwasher half full wastes less water and energy compared to handwashing those same dishes. An Energy Star-certified dishwasher uses 15 litres of water every cycle, while a running faucet uses 15 litres every two minutes. This helps to take a load off the planet, so no need to feel guilty about running a half load. A bonus is it can be a lot faster to empty a half-full dishwasher than a full one.

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